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Post by Vinny#1 »

Hi, I picked my Smart #1 up from Perth on Wednesday and drove it back to Oxfordshire so I had plenty of time to experience it and using ev chargers for the first time. When charging I spent a lot of time fiddling with the menus and setting the car up up, it helped minimise the notifications and volume of them, finding the volume control has ... underneath it and pressing that ultimately stopped a lot of the cars chatter. I found the voice assistant button on the steering wheel good and it saved me nearly crashing the car whilst working my way through the display. I've ironed out all the issues I found bar one, why does the car make a noise when it locks, giving a short beep? I'm waiting for the neighbours to complain as I can't find the setting for it, any ideas to lock the care silently?

If there was a wish list of changes I'd add:

Settings for car lock sounds and lights
Different home screen skins for the display, I find the current one a bit busy, something stripped back, minimalist and artful would be nice.

What would you add to the wish list?



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Hi Vinny, there is a setting to stop the car from beeping when you lock it. I’m not near my car to take a photo but it is called something like lock sound that you can toggle off.
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Post by Milligoon »

One of the first things i did was turn the locking sound off, it's probably there to give some audible confirmation if you use the walk away locking function (I prefer to actually lock mine by touching the door handle)
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Post by Vinny#1 »

Thanks umpbump and Milligoon, I found it in another trawl through the menus 'Door Lock'
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Post by Axeman3D »

Yeah, the lock noise was one of the first things to get disabled. It was so loud the neighbours would put a hit on me if I left it on. I also disabled the headlights coming on after I lock up at night and blinding the people across from my car. I think it's called 'follow me home' or some such? Fair enough if you live in a mansion in the middle of nowhere but in town it's a nuisance. Off by default would be better. Unlock doors while in park is also a setting I had to find as it made exiting the vehicle a pain, along with silencing the speed warning that pestered me for a week before I found it. The big pain is having to disable lane-keep warnings and the outrageously aggressive 'exhaustion warning' system every time I drive the car. Whoever designed that has never driven a car before.
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