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Faults and Technical chat for the Smart #1
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Is anybody else having issues charging at home? in particular, leaving the Smart to charge overnight, either with a scheduled charge set on the EV Charger, and/or a schedule set on the car?

We have had a Zappi v2 charger fitted and it has constantly reported "Pilot" errors, which seems to relate to the Zappi understanding the status of the Smart #1.

We've done a lot of troubleshooting, including using different charging cables and even a replacement Zappi unit. The Zappi will charge the car fine, and report all the right statuses when we're present. The issues appear at night when it's scheduled to use cheap electricity. It feels like it could be related to the car going into some kind of sleep mode, both when it's woken up to charge, and then when it goes to sleep after a charge?

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Does your house have other high loads scheduled at the same time?

I had an issue with my A2 stopping charge to the car in the winter when we were topping up our Tepeo ZEB and our batteries the charger thought the house couldn't take the combined load so stopped charge to the car, I found out later the house fuse limit somehow had been set to 60 Amp, it worked fine the winter before, we have 100 amp fuse.

Might be worth doing a schedule when you have nothing else scheduled and see if it reoccurs.

If you have a zappi I guess you have there household control interface as well to manage everything?

I've had my limit now set to 100 amp. I'll need to test it again with a high load but our heating is off at the moment.
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Thanks Milligoon. I agree, I think I need to do some testing around schedules at different times. A few basic tests during normal day-light hours have all worked ok. It's only during the night when all the errors are reported and I'm now starting to get bored waking up looking at the Zappi App .. it's becoming an obsession :)

The only piece of Zappi kit is the charger, but we do charge a growatt battery at night. We have a 100A fuse, and the battery doesn't pull that much when charging. The really odd thing is the way it fails with pilot errors (and sometimes trips RCD) an hour after it reported the car charged ok, and the battery is full by then.

And just to add to the randomness of the issue, we have a Project EV charger too. It's not as smart(!) as the Zappi, but it has been charging the #1 for a few months now without any issues at all.

The Zappi tech support team have been pretty good, and I'm hoping they come up with some inspiration. The Zappi is compatible with Octopus, and was kind of included with our lease .. (just in case you're wondering why I'm bothering).

I'll post back with any positive progress.
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Hi Smartster. Did you get an answer? I am having the exact same issues. We recently had the zappi changed as it caused problems charging our Mini, but now we have the Smart I am seeing the same symptoms as you. I am currently trying to see if scheduling charge at night on the car makes a difference rather than schedule on the Zappi app. It states Pilot problem but wonder if this is communication between car and charger. Did you have to call myenergi? Thanks. ColwynC
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