Spotted X2 in the wild

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Post by Milligoon »

Yesterday on way to work on A303 about 13:30 cyber silver heading eastbound.

Then on way home on A303 going westbound a future green.

Had to do a bit of a double take each time

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Post by StephenA »

We have just had a few days in Vienna, and I expected to see at least one whilst we were there. However, we didn't see a single one. In fact, I have seen only one other, outside of the dealership, in the almost seven months that I have had mine.
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Post by Vinny#1 »

Coming back to oxfordshire I saw a German registered #1Brabus on the M40, which followed me for about 20 mins. A week later I saw one going into Milton Keynes, but that's it so far. I may be going to work in Germany and if so I may see a few more
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Post by Smartster »

This might be a little optimistic, but perhaps we should have a dedicated section of the forum for fellow Smart owner spotting? In 4 months of ownership I've seen just 2 others in the wild ... "Hi!" to the green one driving through Ash in Surrey, and "Hi!" to the red one on the M4 near Swindon. I restrained myself from waving as I was in a different car :-)
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Post by REZadd »

I live in the Midlands and have yet to see another #1 in the wild.
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